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sábado, 30 de octubre de 2010

some of your my childhood memories

in my old house did many fun things, because it was so big, when I was a child my family
and I ate at McDonalds every Sunday, my grandmother every day made me beautiful hair,then I liked to eat CHICHA with my friends and listen PAULINA RUBIO lyrics.
the going very well at school and when I went on vacation we traveled to Aruba with all my uncles.

smoking is bad

People smoke because they believe it is the fashion and also
because heavy smokers according to the activity, relax.

its consequences are

First of all, is a vice, suffering from respiratory problems andafter a while you may be suffering from lung cancer.


for those who can not control their habit to attend a Rehabilitative Center, and those young people who see the back of the cigar box.


problems affecting URBE

for me one of the city problems is that they allow students to smoke and I do not agree that we do not pass up the torn jeans